Friday Morning

Great excitement yesterday morning when the postman arrived with a parcel in a small box that weighed nothing.  Inside was the 100 foot Xhose which in less than 5 minutes was deployed in the garden and works beautifully.  It weighs next to nothing and expands and contracts just as advertised.  When I coiled up the existing hose it was all I could do to hold it and it weighed a ton.  Of course it arrived just as the rain too arrived and a hose was the last thing I needed but come the dry weather :) it will be a real god send.

Sandi arrived nice and early but as usual she came bearing gifts, a bunch of asparagus, a punnet of strawberries, some ginger biscuits in dark chocolate; she knows me too well, all the things I love.  There was about ten minutes of absolute mayhem as the dogs all greeted each other and ran around like crazy.  Basso is torn between his colleague and best friend Yoda, and the girl he loves KC.  When he thinks we are not watching he can be found canoodling with KC and she is a willing participant.  Sandi needed a trip to Aldi as she was after some garden screening.  I needed nothing but came home with several items, including some filled bones for the dogs who were absolutely in seventh heaven and settled down to chew while we got stuck in to our lasagne and salad.  I finally managed to get a loaf in the oven so the bread situation is now OK.  I suppose I aught to make another loaf today and get it in the freezer so that I am one step ahead.  I also had some tortillas which were going stale so I cut them up and fried them making tortilla chips which have somehow disappeared! 

Today we are very overcast with cloud but at least the temperature is more bearable and there is a slight breeze so it doesn't feel so muggy.  Some how hot weather in the UK seems to be so humid it is like being in a sauna.  

Ann, your Italian holiday sound lovely I spent two wonderful 6 week holidays in Tuscany on a camp site in Montecatini Terme.  This gave us plenty of time to explore the area between Firenze and Pisa  and also the coastline too.  The one wonderful thing about Italy is that no matter where you choose to eat you are guaranteed a good meal from the humblest trattoria to the poshest restaurant the quality of the food is uniformly good and they all know how to make coffee.   I bet your command of the language came in handy too.

I have no real plans for today there are still loads of jobs to do in the garden so if the rain holds off I guess I will get out and crack off some of those.  It is crazy, you wait and wait for the good weather and the plants to flower then suddenly you are into cutting everything back as it all goes nuts and turns into a jungle.  

Have a good day all and lets hope the weekend is a good one for the workers.

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