Friday morning

Blue cone of the Korean Fir

Another early start for me and a somewhat busy day ahead.  Yesterday saw loads of washing done but it was too damp to dry outside so it has ended up indoors.  Today it looks dry and at last the wind has died down.  I have a hair appointment at 9am and for once I am looking forward to getting my hair cut.  It is funny how your hair goes from OK to intolerable in what seems like the blinking of an eye.  Well mine has been intolerable for a while so I am pleased to get it chopped off.  

The roasted leg of lamb left overs are waiting to be made into shepherds pies and I had the foresight to do loads of mash so there is plenty left over to cover the pies.  Last nights supper of asparagus soup was really tasty and was so easily made in the Thermomix.  The addition of a splash of double cream made it very luxurious.  The tips of the asparagus were saved and added to the hot soup at the very end to add a bit of contrast of texture.  On his shopping expedition Mike bought a piece of bacon/ham/gammon at half price and it has been soaking to get rid of the salt and today it will be cooked according to a recipe I found in Constance Spry's book "Jambon Braise Madere" which should make a change from plain boiled or roast.  It is a fairly large chunk so I can see plenty of left overs for the freezer after we have had it hot with new potatoes and cold with salad.  

I still haven't managed to get the weeding done but if there is one thing I am certain of, I know that the weeds will still be there when I get round to doing the job.  Hopefully over the weekend I will have a bit of time and the weather might be kind.  So long as I get to the weeds before they set seed I will be happy as I do believe the old adage of "one years seeding equals seven years weeding".   The tomato plants are really getting underway in the green house so they will need tying in and the side shoots removing.  I do really enjoy seeing the garden get going as the weather improves and it never ceases to amaze me how tough the plants are after such a rotten winter they bounce back with no trouble at all.  

Well that about it for this morning I have heaps to be getting on with so I had better go and make a start if I am to get most of it under way before I go to the hairdresser.

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