Wednesday morning

Yesterday was a more industrious day and we needed to get the outside work done and dusted before the rain set in.  My gooseberries now have a nice net cover which should allow the bees in to pollinate but keep the pigeons off the fruit.  The glass house is cleared of the pea plants which were never going to mature so they are now chicken food.  In their place are the tomato plants purchases earlier.  I was surprised how dry the ground was so I set the sprinkler in the green house for an hour or so to soak the plants in well.  I also planted out the globe artichoke seedlings which I hope are now big enough to manage in the big wide world.  I must have got my wires crossed as Deny didn't show but I had already run around the house tidying up so once I had finished with Mark in the garden it was back indoors and get on with some of the indoor chores.  With such a busy morning lunch was a real quickie with the tinned soup and bread and butter.  The weather then deteriorated and it started to rain.  To make up for the rather sad lunch supper was a much better affair.  Pork chops with sage and onion stuffing, caramelised apple slices, glazed carrots and dauphinoise potatoes.   I was very pleased with the potatoes which I had made some time ago and frozen in vac packs.  This worked very well so in future if I have excess potatoes rather than let them sprout and turn green they will end up in the freezer.  The hens too do well out of this as I always boil up the peeling for them.  

It has been a really wild night with rain and gales and it is still raining and blowing and perishingly cold at 6ºC.  As you can imagine this fills me with joy for our holiday!!!!  The one thing which is really scary is towing a caravan in high winds so lets hope they have died back by Friday.  Fortunately we are only towing for some 14 miles so we can take it slowly along the little back roads with only a small stretch of the A12 to negotiate. 

Today we are expecting Shiona to visit.  She is taking her dogs to the groomer and then she will pop over to see us have a bite of lunch and be back to the groomer by 4pm to collect.   My first job of the day is to get a loaf of bread underway.  Of late I have been making it by hand rather than using the bread maker it is a little more work but much better results.  I also had some courgettes in my vegetable box so I feel some courgette pancakes coming on.  Lunch for Shiona is already organised in the form of ballotine of chicken stuffed with pork and leak sausage meat.  They have already been poached so they will just need a quick brown in a pan and general warm through.  There are ample glazed carrots left from yesterday and I also have a nice bunch of asparagus so we should be fine.  

Anyway off to make a start on the bread and get underway.  It looks like you will need all your wet weather gear today not to mention warm jumpers!!!!!

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