Wednesday morning and bin day

Good morning all well it is really early again my sleep patterns have gone to hell again and I am up at the crack of dawn again.  It is probably my own fault as I had a lovely sleep yesterday afternoon following a ten thousand mile service in the bath.  We had had an interesting lunch which I made with the remaining chicken.  I blasted it in the thermomix along with the left over mash some onions and half a red pepper which I had fried together.  The resulting mush was then made into patties and egg and bread crumbed and fried.  I served it with a mixed salad of leaves, avocados and crispy bacon.  All in all quite a success considering it was a total experiment.  

The house is currently like a transit camp with stuff everywhere.  There is no point it putting things away as they are going to be needed again on Saturday so they are just stacked in piles.  But at least it is all clean.  Shiona is due over today and I have no idea what we are going to have for lunch as the house is pretty bare.  However, now that the car is back from Landrover with a clean bill of health we can head for the shops and purchase something to eat.  I also need to make something to take with us on Saturday as the arrangement is for me to provide lunch before Sandi and David hand the caravan back over to us for our holiday.

Yesterday was a pretty miserable day with rain all morning it did dry up a bit in the afternoon but stayed very dull and cold.  Today it is at least dry but still chilly and dull.  Of course this is just the sort of weather the garden loves mixed sun and rain so everything is really putting on some growth and looking lush and green.  When we were in Suffolk much of the lilac was in bloom and in one garden there was a bush of the most incredibly dark purple variety.  I could really fancy one in my garden but I have no idea what the variety is.  It would look nice alongside a white one dont you think.

Anyway time I got on with some thing more constructive hope you have a nice day even if the weather is bit miserable.....

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