Wednesday morning and bin day

Well I give up with the weather forecast yesterday was supposed to be sunny and warm and today it is due to rain.  So yesterday was obviously the day to do the laundry but no sooner had I got it all out on the line than it started to rain!!!  fortunately it was just a passing shower and by the evening the washing had dried.  With rain forecast for today I also got out in the vegetable garden and got planting the runner beans, borlotti and french beans are all in and hopefully today they will get a good watering.  I also planted some carrots in containers so we will see if I am a bit more successful.    I pulled the first few sticks of rhubarb and made what has to be my favourite dessert - the rhubarb is just stewed with some of the syrup and few chopped balls of stem ginger.  I then made a creme anglais in the thermomix to serve with it.  At first I was stuck with what to do with 6 egg whites as none of us are fond of meringues etc.  the solution was to make a California omelette which the dogs had for their supper.  I suppose I could have frozen them then used them to clarify a broth/consume but the dogs dinner seemed like the best idea and the least work at the time.  

I have improvised a cold frame to harden off my artichoke plants and as it is just outside the back door I will remember to shut it at night.  I am hoping to get them in the ground before we set off to the caravan.  Every time we go to Suffolk we manage to miss local events they were either the week before or the week after out holiday but yesterday I discovered that there is due to be a Spinone festival on the Saturday after we arrive and it is in Norfolk which is not too far away so we may well go for the day if the weather is kind.   Hopefully it will also be asparagus time and we have discovered a farm where they have the most interesting barn I have ever seen it is carpeted with wilton from end to end!!!! They sell their asparagus at very reasonable prices and I usually bring a carrier bag full of oddments to make soup with when I get home.  I really love asparagus but it has to be English and in season.

Today for lunch I am doing a piece of bacon which was going at half price in Tesco.  I would normally boil it but the instructions say to roast it so I will give that a try.  Time to get the bins out so I will sign off until tomorrow.

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