Tuesday morning

Yesterday was yet another sunny day but the wind was cold, it saw the last of my washing and ironing finished.  The roast chicken did us proud for lunch with some glazed carrots and mashed potatoes.  There was enough left for supper and today the carcass will be in the pot making soup. Today the weather has reverted to dismal and it has just rained.  The car is due for service and the garage will arrive early to take it away.  We pay a monthly plan to cover us for the service costs and Landrover are good about collecting and delivering it back to us so we don't have the hassel.  

In answer to your question Joy the picture is a watercolour of the smoke house at Orford which I lifted from their web site.  The cucamelons are a novelty to me too and we will have to see how they turn out.  Having left my camera in the caravan I am a bit limited with photos thought the garden is looking rather nice.  I have my first rose in bloom 'canary bird' which is always very early and the first to bloom.  It is a simple single yellow rose which grows on long arching stems.

The lily of the valley is also in full bloom and each year its carpet is spreading further and further.  
There are some plants that I don't mind being invasive as they are just gorgeous.  It took me ages to get it to grow and now that it has taken off I am delighted and reluctant to restrict it.

I feel a bit betwixt and between this week as I am only home until Saturday when I am back off up to the caravan with James.  Shiona is popping over on Wednesday and on Thursday we are off to the hospital with Mike to get his hearing aid looked at.  His deafness is becoming a real problem for all of us.  He is frustrated because he misses parts of the conversation and we are frustrated having to keep repeating what we have just said.  This can lead to frayed tempers all round.  We are hoping that there might be some improvement once the audiology department have had a look at him.  

I had a panic phone call from Sandi yesterday as they had searched the caravan hopelessly looking of the lead for the kettle which I had stowed inside it.  Of course that was the last place they thought to look.  Anyway, problem solved and hopefully they and their dogs are having a good time.  Sandi needs a break as she has a neighbour who is very ill but also is a very attention seeking person who doesn't give her a minutes peace.  I fear it is a case of "killing willing horses".  Sandi is one of those people who would do anything for anybody and I think she is being taken advantage of, so I hope a week away will recharge her batteries.  It is our job to bring a lunch with us on Saturday but it needs to be something easy to prepare so I am thinking along the lines of a shepherds pie which can be blasted in the microwave or put through the oven.  James has organised to borrow a load of DVD's so we should have some entertainment for the evenings if the TV signal is not too good.  As yet the campsite doesn't have wi-fi though they are hoping to have it some time this year.  

I am hoping that my British Larder cookery book will arrive this week and in that case I may take it with me and hopefully get it signed.  

Well having got up a three I think I may well go back to bed and see if I can get some more sleep or I will be like a dish cloth all day.

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