Tuesday morning

Another chilly day ahead and we are due for some significant rain today but I am hoping Mark will get his two hours work in before it starts.  Last year I lost most of my lovely red dessert gooseberries to the pigeons so this year I am intending to get some netting over them before that happens.  To this end we have bought some stout stakes over which to drape the netting.  Hopefully this will stop the problem.  

Deny is due as well and the house is not too bad as I have been trying to keep up with the house housework in her absence.  Yesterday however I did a wonderful impression of a sloth.  I had had a bit of a ropey night and just felt really tired all day.  For lunch we had a plateful of "pot sticker", dumplings purchased from the oriental shop which just needed 10 minutes boiling then a quick fry in the wok.  For supper we had a full english breakfast including the fried slice which is a rare occurrence for weight and health reasons.  Anyway it was a delicious treat!!!!

James had an appointment with the orthopaedic consultant but he was absent so he saw some other bod who knew nothing of his injury and offered no useful guidance or advise. It was, as usual, a totally wasted journey.  His next appointment is not until September as that was the earliest they could manage.  As you can see continuity of care is something which has not yet reached darkest Kent.  Basically we are on our own as we have been from the start.

Having had a day of indolence yesterday today I need to get my act together today as I will need to be with Mark for some of the gardening and it will keep me out of Deny's hair so she can get on unhindered.  My first job is to clear the garden of dog poo so that it is not a death trap for Mark.  Then I will need to find something for lunch and dinner which is not going to require long in the kitchen.

Ok that bit done, we have some tinned lobster bisque which will do for lunch and for supper there are some pork chops and some of the dauphinoise I made the other day and froze.  I still have loads of salad so that will do for vegetables.  I always feel happier once I have got the meals for the day planned then I know what I am doing.  Once Deny has finished I can get to grips with the laundry and get that out of the way.  Tomorrow Shiona is coming over so I have taken the chicken ballotine out to defrost and they will make a reasonable lunch for the four of us.

Well that about it I want to get going good and early before the weather turns - have a good day all.....

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