Tuesday morning

Yesterday started well with glorious sunshine but by about 10am it was gone and we were all clouded over.  In fact it became so dark at times that we thought it would rain but it stayed dry.  It was high tide at 11am so we went mob handed with a car full of dogs down to Riverside country park.  The main part of the park was absolutely full and the overflow car park was almost full but being locals we know that there is a better parking slot further down the river.  The dogs had the most wonderful time and we were happy to watch their antics retrieving plastic bottles which tend to litter the area.  We then collect them and put them in the bins provided which seems to be too difficult a chore for some.  We then made a circuit of our walk and returned to the car park via a big open field where the dogs could charge around and dry off a little.  Back at home the cold lunch was easily thrown together and served.  The food was swiftly demolished leaving just enough for us to have for supper so a really easy days catering.  The dogs were bitterly disappointed as there were no left overs for them but as they were so tired they were content to lounge around on the floor and snooze.  

We usually groom Basso on the table in the garden and there tend to be large piles of his fur floating around which the local birds are avidly collecting to make duvets for their chicks.  The pair of nesting crows have helped themselves to huge beak-fulls so I think their nest must be very cosy.  It is fun to watch them try to fly with so much in their beaks.  

Today looks like being a similar sort of day with sun and cloud and according to the weather forecast we are due for rain tomorrow so it seems like a good day to do a bit of planting in the garden.  I have an assortment of beans to plant - runners, borlotti and little french beans.  I have also bought a packet of carrot seeds which I am going to plant in containers.  I have never had any success with carrots as the ground has a lot of flint and the carrots look more like bunches of bananas when you pull them.  The one great thing about gardening is that each year you get another chance lets hope that this time I will have some success.  The onion and garlic crops are doing well as are the peas in the glass house, however I don't think they will have a chance to pod up before I need to remove them to make room for the tomatoes.  I will not be too disappointed as they will have added nitrogen to the soil and the tops will make excellent chicken food.  Sandi brought me a cutting from her spirea "gold flame" which I will get into the ground in the newly cleared bed alongside the pond.  I need to get that bed filled as bare earth grows weeds!!!!
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