Thursday morning

Another chilly morning but bright after the rain of yesterday which was not that bad it only rained for and hour or so in the morning then it brightened up and we had a reasonable day.  This morning has started bright and sunny so we may have a decent day.

I roasted the piece of wiltshire cured ham for lunch.  I would normally soak and then boil but it turned out very well.  For lunch we had a portion with some mashed potatoes, braised celery as well as some caramelised apple slices.  We hardly made a dent in the joint so we had some cold for supper and today it will be served with egg and chips.  The dilemma is do I make the chips and stink the house out, or do I go to the kebab shop and buy a portion of theirs.  I suppose I could use my brain and make my own chips and cook them in the garden on the seduction hob which is entirely mobile.  After this if there is any left I will chop it up and put it in the freezer where it can stay until I want to make a chicken pie to which it can be added.  I like ham but three meals in a row is enough I think. 

We spent some time grooming Basso yesterday and the garden was full of clumps of his fur but this morning there is not a strand left the birds have taken the lot.  I can't believe how much they have used.  He has always been difficult to groom because he hates it but as he has got older he is getting better and is now prepared to put up with it as he knows there will be biscuits to follow.  There is nothing like bribery and corruption!!!

Anyway the sun is shining and the electricity is generating so time to get the iron on and finish the laundry for the week.  

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