Thursday morning

The ground outside is wet so I guess we have had more rain during the night though it is currently dry and can you believe we are in double figures 10ÂșC this morning.  Yesterday was very chilly and no sooner than we made a move to take the dogs for a walk but the heavens opened so we decided to go to Aldi while we waited for the rain to stop.  As luck would have it one of the things they had on offer was the solutions needed for the chemical toilet in the caravan.  The 2 litre containers were at least half the price of the usual stuff so I grabbed them with both hands. 

Once the rain had ceased the dogs got their walk and we stayed dry but we decide on the way back that a trip to the Kebab shop was in order for lunch.  As usual the portions were so huge that there was plenty for the dogs as well.

For over a year now we have been trying to get the Metropolitan Police to confirm James dates of employment so that he can claim on an insurance policy which he took out incase he was ever out of work.  So far they have sent us reams of paper including uniform request and shift change documents but nothing that he actually needed.  We have written, phoned and emailed them to no avail and are now completely at our wits end as how to proceed.  Needless to say James was incandescent with rage and frustration which given his PTSD this is really not what is needed.  I, as his mother, was quite prepared to pay them a visit with my pitch fork as it falls to me to calm things down.  

Mike has an appointment today at the audiology department of our local hospital which according to the press is in total meltdown something we have already had experience of so we are not hopeful of any good service.  Mike is really worried that he will have to walk miles in the hospital which with his emphysema and arthritis terrifies him so I will accompany him to make sure he is OK. do they have wheel chairs? yes you can rent them, that is assuming there are any left, a really great system.

Anyway enough ranting, suffice to say that we were all so upset that we none of us wanted any supper and decided that an early night might do us all good.  

At some point I have a leg of lamb to roast as I want the left overs to make a shepherds pie for Saturday lunch.  One good bit of news is that my book which I ordered arrived from Amazon and I am going to take it with me to the British Larder and see if they will sign it for me.  The recipes are arranged by month and what is in season and though the meals are quite complex the individual recipes are most interesting and it is beautifully written.  Anyway I will have many happy hours reading it and experimenting with some of the dishes.  Joy, you might be interested as they have a section on their website which is devoted to Termomix you can fine it here

Here is hoping that today will be a bit calmer and that things go according to plan as I am really not in the mood to be thwarted.

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