Thursday Morning

What a day it was yesterday cold, windy and wet but I suppose we should be grateful that at least we didn't have snow.  I think I had better pack snorkel flippers and a fur coat as they look like being useful for the holiday.

Shiona came over and we got her restarted with the crochet project once we had given Aldi the once over as she needed to restock on chocolate.  She was very happy to finish off the little jacket that was only minus a couple of rows.  I had run out of cotton but she had plenty so that solved that problem and as she knows someone who is having a baby I managed to off load some of the jackets and the blanket.   For lunch we had the ballotine with carrot battons and asparagus.  The chicken turned out really well.  I gave them a fry off, to brown the skin, then put them in the oven to finish warming through.  I did take the added precaution of tying them with string to stop them splitting open and I think this was a wise move.  Anyway, they were most successful and definitely something I would do again especially as chicken legs are so cheap.  I also made a loaf of bread some of which we can take with us.  

Today will be devoted to final preparations not that there is much to do except some washing.  As James will be at home I don't have to worry about food in the fridge etc.  He is a competent cook and well able to use up the bits and pieces.  The courgettes which arrived in the veg box will be made into pancakes which we can either have for lunch or put in the freezer.  I also have a lot of potatoes which I am going to mash and vac pack.  For supper I want something nice and easy so I think sausages and eggs will fit the bill.  

We are looking to be away by 10am which will miss the rush hour traffic and should see us in Kettlebrugh picking up the van by 12md by 3pm we should be established then I can relax and start to enjoy the holiday.  It is a lovely feeling to be safely in the van with all systems functional and supper and bed to look forward to.  The site is due to have wi-fi this year but I don't suppose it will be up and running yet so I will be incomunicado for the week.  In fact the site is so buried in the forest that it is not easy to even get a mobile phone signal.

Well time I got underway and got the washing on and started to peel potatoes then with any luck I will have a chance of an afternoon siesta......

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