Sunday morning

Yesterday started off in the usual mundane way the weather was cold with intermittent down pours.  I had the usual pile of chores to do and one of these was to go through and clear out some of the rubbish that arrived in the email.  You know the usual advertising and spam.  Then I stumbled on an email from one of the luminaries of the Spinone world and I could hardly believe my eyes.

"Congratulations to you and Basso - you are the recipients of this years ISCGB Lifetime Achievement Award!  I have a large silver cup here and a award card! "

Apparently this was awarded at the AGM of the ISCGB {Italian Spinone Club of Great Briton} for Basso's efforts to help James in his hour of need.  Well as you can imagine I spent the rest of the day 6 feet off the ground.  Talk about a proud parent!!!!

Anyway today seems to be sunny but it is very cold still at a mere 6ºC which is the same as it was in February.  I have loads of salad in the fridge so I think we will be having some of the salmon fish cakes for lunch and probably some sort of pasta dish for supper.  As  a matter of interest I read on some site or another that you can freeze eggs by just cracking them from their shell so as I have an abundance I have stuck one in the freezer to try - I wondered if you could poach it direct from frozen?  I might give this a go and see what happens.  Apparently they are fine for cake making and other cooking jobs.  Anyway I will let you know the results of this experiment.

Have a great day I know I will as I am still floating above the ground.


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