Sunday and back from the wilds

Well were to start?  I suppose the beginning would be a good place.  We drove up to Suffolk with no incident and hitched the van to our lovely new tow bar and I drove it to the site and parked it on our allotted pitch.  The caravan had survived the winter well and the only problem was two light bulbs had blown so they were easily replaced as we had spares on board.  Everything else was working well so it was just a case of unpacking the car and organising the van for our comfort.  That nights supper was a microwave job of stuff I had prepared at home.  We tried to tune the TV in but fiddling with the aerial is a tedious job and prove pretty futile as the signal strength was poor but what do expect in the middle of a forest.  It was decided that we would purchase a few DVD's to keep us amused of an evening.  The following morning we went off to Tesco to stock up as I had only taken the bare essentials with us.  Much to my surprise I could hardly breath and could only walk a few steps without being out of breath.  Now the last time this happened I ended up in Ipswich hospital which also happened to be in May according to my log book.  This led me to believe that it must be some sort of allergic reaction so I hastily bought a packet of Piriton [antihistamine] and started to take them in the hope that I was right.  As luck would have it I improved immediately which I think proved the point I must have some sort of allergy to tree pollen and it is probably one of the pine trees as nothing at home has this effect on me.  That said one of the side effects of Piriton is they make you very sleepy so every afternoon I slept for hours which is no bad thing if it is rest you crave.  

Now as to the weather well what can I say? it was perishingly cold and we had significant amounts of wind and rain.  However, I managed to get Basso walked three times a day and didn't get wet once.  Sharing a small space with a wet dog is not the most pleasant experience.  I had to time my walks with great care and between showers.  It was largely a case of dashing out when possible and doing the outdoor chores while the going was good.  The outside temperatures dropped as low as 4ºC but we managed to maintain an internal temperature of about 20ºC which was comfortable.  The emergency fleece jackets came into their own and doubled as dressing gowns.  There are not many places where you can take your dog for his early morning walk wearing your pyjamas!!!  The Tassimo machine kept us in hot tea, coffee and chocolate.  We tried to have lunch out and just a snack for supper which worked well Mike had his obligatory lobster and I ate my dozen oysters.  The price of asparagus was horrendous so we only had one meal of that.  We stopped off at the British Larder for a scotch egg and chips lunch on two occasions.  Now you may think this is nothing special but believe me their scotch eggs are out of this world with lovely soft yolks in which to dip their perfect chips.  Simple things done well can be a real joy.    

On the second afternoon a car drew in with two young men in their early twenties and they tried to erect a tent almost oposite us so we watched with interest.  Well the wind was fierce and after about an hour of fruitless effort I could stand it no longer and had to go and offer some help.  We got the tent up and the boys were duly grateful but it was not until I returned that it struck me how embarrassing it must have been for two young men to require the help of an elderly lady to get their tent up.  Fortunately the site was almost empty so no one witness their plight.  

After supper each evening at about 8pm we settle down to watch our DVD's which took us to 10pm and time for bed.  When I am able to breath I sleep very well in the caravan and the Piriton certainly helped.  

Friday was a horrid day with almost continuous rain so Saturday morning when the sun came out it was a huge relief as I needed to pack up our stuff and leave the van in a nice condition for Sandie and David to take over.  Poor Sandie had had a terrible week and ended up buying a new car so they could drive up for the holiday.  So much for a cheap holiday!!!!  She had brought with her a lovely fish pie which we put into the oven to heat and brown while I went over some of the detail of how the van works.  The final job after lunch was to show them how the toilet emptying worked and Mike finished putting our stuff in the car.  I drove us home which was uneventful until we got close to the M25 where there were signs saying between junctions 27 - 28 the motor way was close following a major accident.  This meant we had to drive into London and back out again to pick the motorway up at junction 29 just before the QE2 bridge.  This only added about 20 minutes to our journey so no real problems.  Once home we found a note from James who had gone out.  Apparently Sandi had rung to say my handbag with all my iPad, iPod, camera and phone were sitting in the caravan.  Fortunately there is nothing I cannot live without for a week when I will be back up there with James.  

You will not believe the amount of washing I now have to do so I am delighted that the weather is favourable and it should all dry well today.  We are out of bread so that is my first job this morning I need to get a loaf underway.  

I hope you have all had a good week and are enjoying some of this lovely sunshine......


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