Saturday morning

Hand in hand

Yesterday was a reasonable day though not warm so I got stuck into the kitchen chores.  I dismantled the chickens and made the breasts into pollo san Angelo the legs I boned and made ballotine with which have been poached and put in the freezer.  Once out and defrosted they will need a reheat and browning in a pan before serving.  The carcasses were roasted off and then into the stock pot which is now cold so I can strain it and pick the meat off for the dogs.  The over supply of potatoes I mandolined and made into a tray of dauphinoise.  That too is now cold and can be vac packed in portions.  I had an aubergine and 4 romero peppers which needed dealing with so I made a pot of ratatouille which we will have with lunch today with the left over sausages I used for the ballotine.   I planted up the tomato seeds in modules so I hope that they will germinate quickly and though they are a bit late I should get some fruit by August.  The remaining tomato plants have been moved up to the green house to acclimatise and when I get back from my holiday they will get planted into the ground.  I also planted the rosemary bush which I hope will be happy in its sunny dry position. 

It has rained over night and the ground is quite wet the sky is dull and overcast and we are still only at 8ºC.  The rain pleases me as it will have given all my beans a good water and save me a job but I wish it would warm up just a bit.  It would be nice to move to short sleeves!!!  In the caravan contents we keep a set of shorts and vests in case of heat wave and fleece jackets and jogging bottoms incase of a cold snap.  In our many years of camping we have been caught out by both so now we keep contingency clothes on board.  Cold is less of a problem as we have a super central heating system but the evenings and early mornings are often chilly outside.  A few years ago we had an incident when I asked Mike to turn the heating down before we retired for the night.  In the wee small hours I woke sweating and the dogs were panting so I went and checked the termostat only to find he had turned it the wrong way and we were running at 33ºC.  A bit too warm for comfort!!!!

I have few plans for today other than to finish off the food preparation from yesterday and then to run a hoover over the house which is showing signs of neglect as am I so a bit of a shower and shampoo and general pampering day seems in order.  I usually give the hens a good clean out on a saturday so I think it will be general preening for all.  Have a good day all.............


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