Saturday morning

The sun is shining and the garden looks green and fresh with scatterings of brightly coloured flowers and trees in full bloom.  At last the winter gloom has relented and we seen to be on course for a good bank holiday weekend.  

I decided that as we were going to have good weather I would get the smoker out and smoke the salmon so to that end it spent most of yesterday soaking in brine and then I have hung it up over night to dry.  Today I will light the smoker and get it in and keep my fingers crossed that I have got it right.  It has been a while since I last smoked anything.

Yesterday I roasted two chickens in the halogen oven and one we had for lunch the other is dismantled for cold meat and/or a pie or some other dish. I also managed to pick enough russian kale  from the garden to accompany our lunch. There is nothing as pleasing as picking vegetables from your own garden. The carcasses of both birds have spent time in the stock pot which I kept simmering at 80ºC for three hours using my new induction or should that be seduction hob.  The stock is now cold so I can strain it and pick over the bones for the dogs breakfast.  Not my favorite job but one that yields plenty of food for the dogs.  Mike returned from his shopping trip yesterday with a rabbit so that too will need a soak in brine before I dismantle it for cooking.  As you know I try not to be wasteful so the brine doesn't get wasted I use it as weed killer and pour it liberally all over the patio. 

 I was trawling around on the net last night and found this photograph which I think is just amazing and I have no idea how the effect was achieved so I thought I would share it with you.  Have a great day and enjoy all this good weather.......


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