Monday morning

Yesterday was one of catching up with life back at home and getting to grips with the laundry.  I had several machine loads not just holiday clothing but also the stuff from the caravan in terms of bedding etc.  With the glorious sunny weather it was a pleasure to get it out on to the line and back in lovely and dry.  My usual routine is to get all the van stuff washed and ironed and packed into a crate ready to take on our next trip.  I always leave the bed in the van ready made up as it is a bit of a job and it is nice when you arrive tired not to have to start making beds.  I have been washing without soap powder but with my eco egg for some time now and one of the beneficial side effects, other than the money saving angle, is that the machine stays pristine clean and looks like it had just been installed.  Sadly all this washing has generated tons of ironing :(  

We lunched on the wonderful smoked hock that I had bought from Richardson's Smokehouse in Orford

I always have a good chat with the owners wife who shows deer hounds and we talk dog.  She has been watching Basso grow up and is always pleased to see him.  For supper I made a pepper stew as there were several peppers on the blink in the fridge so the addition of olive oil garlic and tin of tomatoes makes a nice mix to which I add eggs once the liquid has reduced and scramble them into it.  Dolloped on hot toast makes a nice simple supper.  

Today I am looking for something easy to do so it will be a chicken in the hallogen oven with whatever vegetables I can find.  I think I had better make another loaf as the one I made yesterday is now down to less than half.  James has done a splendid job of looking after the garden and my tomato plants not to mention the chickens.  As luck would have it my cucamelon plant had turned up and they needed to be potted on so that was an urgent job and I have now put them in a sunny spot to make a bit of progress before they are planted in the greenhouse.

Well thats about it for this morning time I got on with some of the work that has accumulated and put yet another loaf on.  Have a great day and I hope you have another day of sunshine.


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