Monday morning

Yesterday morning started off nice and sunny but by the afternoon the rain was back and the temperature really struggled.   We had a summery lunch of salmon fish cakes with tartare sauce and mixed salads. With just a nod to the fact it was Sunday we had a dessert of rice pudding [tinned] and a spoonful of jam.  Supper was also an easy task as I made a spaghetti carbonara all the initial preparation had been done so all that was left to do was to boil the pasta and amalgamate it with the sauce.  I am of the traditional school of no cream - just egg yolks cooked by the hot pasta.  It is one of those dishes that are really easy and you wonder why you don't do it more often.  It certainly made a change from the usual roast.  The only problem is there are no left overs to play with today so it will be something from scratch once I have made the decision.

As we are off on Friday today will be devoted to making sure what we want to take by way of clothes are clean.  At the moment it is dry but I don't think it is due to last and tomorrow is due to be even worse so it may be a case for the tumble dryer.  Next I need to make sure that the tech stuff is all charged up and ready to roll.  There is nothing more frustrating than finding that the camera is out of battery just when you need it.  The weather forecast looks as if we will be having a mixed week of sun and showers but I can live with that.  It will just be nice to be in a different place and have a change of scenery.  

Have a good day all and take an umbrella!!!!!


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