Friday morning

What a thoroughly miserable day it was yesterday it rained on and off all day and it was freezing.  Mike had an appointment with the audiology department at 10am we arrived early but were seen almost instantly and can you believe it we were back home having coffee by 10.35.  The results of his hearing test showed a significant drop in his hearing in his right ear and he is now awaiting an appointment with the ENT department.  The audiology department worked like clockwork if only the other departments could do the same.  Anyway praise where praise is due I am the first to complain when things are wrong but I try always to compliment when things are good.

For lunch I had a bolognese sauce and some pasta but as there were lots of tomatoes which were getting soft I blitzed them in the Thermo and added them at the last minute.  What a nice change to have some fresh tomato running through the dish.  This is something I will do again.  For supper I had a leg of lamb which was half price in Tesco and I wanted the left overs so that today I can make a shepherds pie to take with us tomorrow.  Mike is well stocked up with single meals so he wont starve while we are away.  Today I will also give the hens a good clean out so there will be nothing to do but give them food and water and collect the eggs.  It is interesting how age catches up with you I carried a 25 kilo sack of chicken food up to the end shed something which I have done many times but suddenly it was a struggle it felt like a ton and half and I had to stop half way.

It feels really weird to be having my holiday in two halves and it seems I have only just unpacked and now I am packing again. It reminds me of a couple we met on the site one time who came to their van during the week when the site is almost empty then on Friday night they went back home to mow the grass and do a few chores arriving back on Sunday night when all the weekend campers had gone.  This sounds like a really good idea to me.  I hope that Sandi and David have had a good time despite the really grotty weather.  I have not had any panic phone calls so I presume all has gone according to plan.  

James is off to borrow a pile of DVD's from a friend which should keep us amused in the evenings if the TV signal is still poor.  I have decided to pack one short sleeved shirt just in case the weather picks up and we have a couple of warm days.  I also need to get the first of the month chores done as I will not have time tomorrow so its off to read the meters, sharpen the knives and do the dogs ears!!!!
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