Friday morning

What is this you ask yourself?  Well it is £450 worth of tow-bar   Yesterday morning when Mike went to get the last few bits and bobs for our holiday he noticed that some lovely person had stolen the tow-bar from the back of our car.  I hastily rang the Landrover main dealer and they had just one left in stock Mike rushed over there and grabbed it as we would be completely scuppered without it.  It was the price that rocked me backwards.  Can you believe what people will steal?  Thank goodness he noticed or we would have arrived ready to hitch up only to discover we don't have a tow-bar.  As the only time we use the tow-bar is when we tow the van we think we will detach it and keep it with the caravan in future.  It will just make hitching up a bit longer as we will have to attach it first then hitch up but it might be safer.  It never crossed my mind that anyone would steal it.  It has been on the back of the car since we bought it and we never anticipated that it was vulnerable as it is locked on with a special key.  My only consolation is that at least we had this disaster at home where it was relatively easy to deal with but we really didn't need to shell out the money just before our holiday.  I guess I will have to cut back on my oyster and asparagus consumption!!!!!

I think I am all packed and ready to roll it is just a case of getting all the stuff into the car and remembering to take our meal for tonight out of the freezer.  Yesterday was nice and sunny so I got the washing all dry on the line.  The Tassimo comes with us so we can have very luxurious cups of cappuccino or hot chocolate with the minimum of fuss and mess.  Ground coffee is pain in a caravan and gets everywhere so the Tassimo is the answer to a prayer.  I am only taking the minimum of food with us as half the fun is buying nice stuff in the local shops.  Bread, butter, milk and eggs will get us started.  In the store cupboard in the van I carry emergency tinned food and a couple of tins of Heinz tomato soup in case of any real disaster.  

Thank you all for your good wishes lets hope that nothing else goes wrong and we have a relatively peaceful time away. 

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