Friday morning

Yesterday was quite busy in the morning as I had some shopping to do.  We drove out to the nursery where I normally buy my tomato plants.  It is a little one-man band type of nursery but the guy is so helpful and kind and his plants are very reasonable in price.  I bought 2 each of 4 varieties of tomato plant for the green house.  He didn't have any trailing varieties so I bought a couple of packs of seeds which I will do myself for my window box outside the kitchen.  I also bought a giant rosemary bush for my empty bed.  Then on the way home we stopped off at a lovely farm shop and they had just had their first delivery of asparagus.  Needless to say I just had to buy a big bundle which we had for supper.  By the time we got home it was well past lunch time so I had no time to make chips and instead bought one portion from the kebab shop.  They were freshly fried for me so I was happy and the one portion was ample for the three of us with our ham and egg.  I had bought some pork loin steaks in Aldi which I batted out then egg and breadcrumbed to have with our asparagus.  

While we were out shopping James took the dogs for a walk - who would have believed a year ago that he would be fit enough to do this.  He still has a significant limp but manages well without his crutches provided the ground is not too uneven.  

The afternoon was wild with huge gusts of wind which nearly knocked you off your feet and any small items like trugs went flying round the garden.  This morning is still pretty windy but nowhere near as bad as last night.

I have a pair of chickens bought cheaply in Aldi which this morning I will dismantle - I quite fancy making ballotine with the legs and the breast will be made according to the same recipe I used for the rabbit.  The carcasses of course will go into the stock pot.  I am hoping to vac pack some of the meat to take with us on our holiday where a quick blast in the microwave will see us having a hot meal.  The first night I always need something quick and filling as I am usually knackered by the time it gets to supper.  I also have an abundance of potatoes so I am going to make a big pot of mash which will also be vac packed and frozen.  This preparatory work also means there are no pots and pans to wash up just a couple of plates another bonus!!!

On that happy note I am off to the kitchen to make a start - have a good one all.....


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