Friday morning

Yesterday was one of wall to wall sunshine but still with a cold wind.  James and I went off to shoot in the morning and I must admit my shoulder was still a bit sore from the previous days shooting however not sore enough to stop me enjoying myself.  We had a lunch of a an egg and bacon sandwich with a bowl of chips to share between us.  They were so generous with the chips that I filled a bag with the remainder and brought them home for the dogs.  Mike had been shopping, as is his want, and bought me some salmon tails.  I am now in a quandary as to whether to vac pack portions and sous vide them or should I salt and then smoke them as cold smoked salmon.  He also bought two chickens which I intend to roast off today and then divide up for later use and also for soup.  Dobbies were selling 2kg of pork chops for a £10 so last night we had chops cooked in the halogen oven but served with both caramelised apples and diced fresh apple instead of vegetables which was a very nice if novel meal.  

Today has started off cold but sunny so I think we are in for another good day.  I tried to sit in the garden yesterday with a cup of tea and my crochet but my neighbours were gardening and their rubbish bin is just behind my seat.  It seems that they are incapable of opening and closing it without slamming it which they do every couple of minutes so I soon gave that up as a bad job and took my tea indoors.  

The marsh marigolds are in full bloom in the small pond which could do with a good clean out but that will be left for warmer weather.

Well whatever I am going to do with the salmon I need to get on with it so I had better go and make a start.  Lets hope that for once the good weather lasts for the bank holiday weekend so that the workers get a chance to enjoy it.

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