First of May

What happened to April is just seems to have vanished in the blinking of an eye.  Yesterday was a nice sunny day but there was a bitter wind blowing which made it OK for working but no chance of sitting and enjoying the garden.  I must admit that I am hopeless at sitting in the garden as it only take a matter of seconds before I spot a job that needs doing or a weed that must be sorted.  Anyway I contented myself in the kitchen making our shooting lunch for today as well as a bloomer.  For todays lunch I have made pancakes which have been lined with parma ham and rolled around leeks. today they will get a blanket of white sauce and topping of cheese and breadcrumbs before browning under the grill.  They will be served with a green salad which I can make while they brown.  

James was out yesterday helping a friend with a motorcycle problem so Mike and I were on our own which felt really strange.  We finished off the bit of left over bolognese sauce for lunch and for dinner I found a small turkey pie in the freezer which just needed mash a top putting on it.  The off cuts of the leeks I dressed with olive oil and chopped hard boiled egg.  [leeks mimosa] a real blast from the past.

My experiment with the crochet, as predicted, failed.  Doubling the size doesn't work as the increase is too much and you end up with a ruffle.  It took about 10 rows before I decided that it was a non starter and stripped it all out.  Now I am in a quandary as to what to do next, do I keep on doing the little jackets or do I go back to socks which I could knit in 4ply cotton for the summer.  I will need some sort of project to take with me on my holiday.  I don't fancy knitting anything large as I am inclined to run out of enthusiasm.  I like the small things which I can finish quickly and enjoy the results.  There is one thing about caravan living and that is that everything takes so much longer to accomplish because you are working in confined spaces.  By the time I have walked the dogs and packed up my bed then organised coffee and toast breakfast is served nearer lunch time!!!!  We have a lovely shower in the van but again you need to make all sorts of preparations before you attempt one.  First thing is to check if there is sufficient water.  You only get stuck once naked with a head full of shampoo and no water - then you learn to check the water level first!!!  The site has lovely showers but I managed to come a cropper there too I was washing my hair only to find that there were no suds forming.  This is when I discovered that I was using conditioner not shampoo.  Fortunately there was a lady in the next shower who took pity on me and lent me her shampoo.  Another lesson learned!!!  Check you have the right stuff before you go to the showers.  Anyway its all good fun and over the years we have learned how to cope with the different arrangements.  I will always remember seeing a fellow camper take his dog for a walk in the pouring rain.  He was wearing a pair of shorts and flip flops and a kagool I though he was crazy but I then realised that he was in fact very sensible drying wet legs and feet is easy but you try drying wet shoes and jeans in a caravan.  The shower cubicle is fitted with nice hooks so that you can hang wet coats and they can drip dry but wet jeans would take about a week to dry.  The site does have a tumble dryer and washing machine for those staying for longer periods so disasters can usually be averted.

Anyway as you will gather I am beginning to think of my holiday which is now only 17 days away.  However first I must get ready to go shooting........
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