Wednesday Morning/bin day

All four hens are now laying but one could use a bit of practice, she hasn't quite got the hang of the shape yet!  I would like to bet that this strange egg has a double yolk.

Yesterday was a glorious sunny day so once we had done the indoor chores it was off out with the dogs.  What a surprise! the wind was not only really strong but really cold and nearly blew us off our feet.  Needless to say the walk was cut a bit short and we were soon headed home to the warmth of the central heating.  Anyway, it was just as well we were home sooner than usual as a friend called in for a coffee and chat.  Her twin girls were away with grandparents so it was just her 8 year old boy who was very happy to sit and draw and eat his way through a jumbo packet of hula hoops while we chatted about more grown up things.  We talk frequently on the phone but it is seldom that we managed to get together.  She is very keen on cookery and also on feeding her family only what is good so she is prepared to drive miles to source good quality meat and vegetables and makes everything from scratch.  She was delighted to be vindicated in her approach when there was all the scandal of the horse meat which she could assure her family did not include them.  

For lunch I had prepared some venison burgers which we had in buns with all the trimmings.  Sadly the buns were bought and were akin to sawdust they were so dry and crumbly that a fair proportion ended up in the dogs stomachs.   I was feeling particularly tired and took myself off to bed after lunch.  I had fallen asleep in the middle of a very good film the previous night so I managed to retrieve it from the cable channel and watched the end of it.  I tend to fall asleep during the commercial breaks but as there were none I managed to get to the end of it before falling into a really deep sleep.  It was gone 5pm when the men woke me looking for some supper so I suggested that they could get a take away while I came to with my cup of tea.  It does make a nice change not to have to cook and there was no washing up either so a very easy evening.  Of course having slept for most of the afternoon I was up until very late and was wide awake at 4am as per usual.  The hour change seems to have completely passed me by.  

Today we are off to Shiona's for lunch so I am off the hook once again and can relax I will take out a bolognese sauce which we can have for supper if we need it or lunch tomorrow if we are not hungry.  James is staying at home so he has the remaining portion of shepherds pie for his lunch which just needs reheating.  He can also put the hens to bed if we are back later than expected.  We normally shoot on a Wednesday but it is no pleasure to get frozen or blown off your feet and according to the weather forecast we may even get a dusting of snow!!!!!  

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