Wednesday Morning

What a day it was yesterday, we had wall to wall sunshine and it was warm with no wind.  It was the ideal day for gardening so Mark and I  had good morning.  Alongside the pond there is a small bed which had been completely overgrown with weeds and ivy.  There were a few plants and some bulbs but everything was struggling.  The bed now is bare earth and what plants could be saved are in a trug awaiting replanting which I should get on with today while the good weather lasts.  According to the weather forecast it is downhill from now on getting cold windy and wet at the weekend.  Deny went through the house like a hurricane so all I have left to do is a good few loads of washing.  I made the base of the cottage pie at the crack of dawn yesterday and now that I have been restocked with potatoes I can make the mash top and we can have it for supper tonight   James took himself off to the shops and laid in all the ingredients for a Mexican feast which we had for supper and Mike had bought some venison sausages which made a really nice quick lunch.  It was lovely not to have to think,  meals just materialised with the minimum effort on my part.  Mike also bought a chunk of venison shoulder which I will put through the mincer today and make into burgers and get them into the freezer.  I also need to make a loaf of bread which will be the Hollywood bloomer which is our current favourite and makes nice slices which fit the toaster.  So a busy day ahead but then I prefer it that way.   Making bread by hand seems like a very time consuming activity but it actually takes very little time to do the actual work most of the time is waiting during which you can get on with other chores.  

You will notice that I have added a real time counter which shows who has been reading my blog and which countries they are from.  There seem to be two categories those who read and never comment and those who regularly comment.  I must admit that I do enjoy the participation as it gives me a focus to reply to.

Well it is now light and I must get going if I am to accomplish all I have planned.  My energy only last until about 2pm by which time I am worn out and take to my bed for a rest and if I am lucky an hours sleep which keeps me going for the rest of the day.  I must admit that is one good thing about the winter as it is dark and cold most of the time I don't feel guilty taking myself off to bed to rest.  It seems such a waste when the weather is good and the sun is shining.

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