Wednesday morning

I don't know what is going on but I seem to be sleeping later and later.  Nothing else has changed I am not going to sleep any later but what ever it is I am not complaining.  It has rained over night and is still dull and miserable looking.  If yesterday is anything to go by it should brighten up as the day progresses.  I spent quite a while in the kitchen yesterday making bread and also a meat loaf and some ham a split pea soup.  James took the dogs for a walk in his car which was a novelty and Basso was very reluctant to get on the back seat.  Nip on the other hand has no problems with sitting in the passenger well.  Mike shot out really early and got the necessary ingredients so I could complete my dishes.   The meat loaf got annihilated at lunch time and there is only enough left for a couple of sandwiches.  The bloomer was only out of the oven a short time before the mice had a go at that as well.  Today Shiona is coming over so I thought I would do a macaroni cheese with the little stuffed peppers for lunch and then supper will be clearing up the left overs and maybe some soup.  I watched the Hairy Bikers make a Polish dish with polenta which is sort of a cross between shepherds pie and lasagne but it did look very tasty so that is on the radar for some time soon.  

Once the cooking extravaganza was over I got stuck in to making the crochet top which is really interesting as it is made all in one.  The back, fronts and sleeves are all made as you go along and you start from the neck edge which is quite unusual.  I still have a bit of a way to go to finish it but I will take a snap when I do.  The pattern shows it in multicolours but I have stacks of pink wool so that is what I have used.   I never did get around to doing any gardening but there are only so many hours in a day.  

Having got up so late I am now well behind schedule so I will have to make a start by getting the bins out before the bin men get here as they can be quite early.  I was going to hoover but with Shiona and her two dogs coming it seems a bit pointless so it can wait until tomorrow.  After all no one comes to see you because your floors are clean!!!!

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