Wednesday morning bin day

Yesterday was a busy day both Mark and Denny arrived promptly at 8 am.  Mark had brought some bags of well rotted compost which he has mulched the flower beds with.  No sooner had he started than the heavens opened and we had three solid hours of rain.  I tried to persuade him to abandon the job and wait for better weather but he was determined to carry on regardless.  We decided to go shopping as that would vacate the house so that Denny could get on with her work without us being in her way.  I bought some chicken wings which were going cheap and then took off the fattest joint which I made into sticky wings.  The remaining two joints were put in the slow cooker to make stock / soup.  For the sticky wings I just gave them a dousing in soy sauce, honey and a splash of Worcester sauce then put them in a hot oven.  With some plain boiled rice they made an excellent supper.  The soup has cooled over night and this morning I will have to strain it off and then pick the meat off for the dogs.  In the vegetable box this week are some leeks so I feel a leek and potato soup coming on.  I think I can spend some time in the kitchen this morning as all the chores are done the garden is tidy, the house is clean and the laundry is up to date.  According to the weather forecast we are due for a dry day but a wet evening and night which is fine by me.  The hens could use a clean out and the dogs would appreciate a good run so dry weather would be an advantage.  

I must admit to feeling particularly tired this morning so I may well go back to bed and try and catch a couple more hours sleep.  I don't like doing this as I run the risk of a having a headache for the whole day but I am shattered so I will risk it.   Lunch today will be macaroni cheese and salad and soup for supper so nothing to labour intensive.  The majority of the work will be done by the thermomix so it will be minimum washing up as well.  

Well that it for this morning I am off back to bed before my coffee kicks in and wakes me up.  Have a good day all..........

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