Tuesday morning

Spring is trying to happen in the garden and the tiny daffodils are making a grand show.  Yesterday was not as sunny as the last couple of days but it was a little warmer and quite pleasant.  Sandi arrived reasonably early and we took her friends Vauxhall Astra estate to our Albanian car wash.  The car was in a parlous state and smelled like a kennel, anyway, we dumped it with them and went across the road to Aldi to buy some milk.  When we got back the car was done and unrecognisable it had been washed and the inside hoovered  and wiped through.  Sandi was staggered at what a good job they had done and all for the princely sum of £10.  We took it back to our house then loaded up my car with all the dogs and took them for a walk down near the estuary only to discover that the tide was in so both her dogs were in the water almost at once.  Basso did his usual of standing on the beach watching being a complete woos.   He did, however, get soaked in the shallow paddling pool which he enjoys so we had 4 sopping wet dogs to bring home.  While the dogs dried off I put the fish pie in the hallongen oven and warmed up a portion of peas which made an adequate lunch and for dessert we had a nice blueberry muffins which Sandi had provided.  She left for home at around 4pm and I went to have a rest and watch some garbage on the TV.  It was too late to have a snooze so I got on with my crochet.  I was sitting there in a stupor when the phone rang it was the BBC asking if I would like to appear on Bargain Hunt.  Apparently Shiona had put our names forward some time ago.  Well you could have knocked me down with a feather I was shocked rigid.  Shiona is a very good friend and I would do almost anything to make her happy but that is one step too far.  I have a strong aversion to cameras and as for TV that is the last straw.  I turned it down flat for two reasons one I have absolutely no interest in antiques and two I would be a gibbering wreck in front of a camera.  I did immediately ring Shiona and apologise for letting her down and hope she is not too upset with me.  

Today is going to be a busy day we are expecting Mark to come and put some mulch on the garden and Denny is coming to put the hoover round the house and after yesterdays dog extravaganza believe me it does need it.  I will have to do something nice and quick for lunch and dinner as I will be banished from the kitchen for a while.  I think perhaps cheese omelettes and salad for lunch and sausage bacon and beans for supper will do and keep us from starvation with the minimum of fuss and mess.  But first things first I will need to have a good tidy round as it is impossible to clean if the house is in a mess and strewn with stuff.  The last of the ironing will be done and out of the way and I will get myself through the shower and dressed bright and early so that I can help Mark in the garden. So with that in mind I had better make a start - have a great day all.............

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