Tuesday Morning

We are saying good bye to April with another very chilly but bright day.  Not chilly enough for a frost but cold none the less.  I must admit that I am not good at window cleaning; the outside is done by a window cleaner but the inside is down to me.  Yesterday I excelled and cleaned the inside of the kitchen windows which where a bit of a mess.  It does make a difference and on a sunny day it is lovely to have sparkly windows.  The ironing all got done nice and early so I was left with time to play in the garden a bit before I got the roast belly of pork underway.  It was a relatively small piece of meat so I cooked it in the halogen oven and rather than potatoes I made a bit of sage and onion stuffing to go with it and the leeks and gravy.  

James and Zoe took the dogs for a run round the rugby field and I hadn't realised but Basso knows what that means and the minute I mentioned the rugger field he started to bounce about with glee.  His vocabulary is getting bigger and bigger and we find ourselves having to spell more and more words rather like you do with small children.

Over the winter we have had a flock of wood pigeons who have been living in my neighbours tree but they have been given their marching orders and are nowhere to be seen.  The new residents are a couple of rooks who have built a massive nest at the very top of a large conifer and they have made it their business to see off all the pigeons and magpies.

This is the best I can do on maximum zoom

It has had a knock on beneficial effect because the little birds like tits, finches and wrens are now getting a bit of a look in.  The rooks don't seem to worry about them and let them get on with their lives in peace.  We have not seen hide nor hair of the ferral pigeons since my shooting spree.  They have obviously found the risk of getting shot too great and moved on to pastures new.  

As we had had a latish lunch we were none of us interested in supper so it was every man for himself and slices of toast were what was needed.  Today I have a portion of bolognese sauce to use up so it will be pasta and salad for lunch.  Then I will need to think of a shooting lunch for tomorrow as Jeff is coming down and weather permitting we will be going shooting.  

I have finished yet another little jacket and this time I have decided to try doubling the size and see what happens.  At the moment the yolk looks like it will be big enough to fit me!!!!  I have a shrewd suspicion that this may be a bit of a disaster but only time will tell.

Well that about it for this morning time I got underway. Have a good day all.....

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