Tuesday morning

At last the camelia is beginning to flower it would normally be finished by now but it has been delayed by all the inclement weather.

Cold lamb salad, this is one of my favorite ways to deal with left over meat.  The cold meat is finely sliced and then dressed up with red onion rings and capers and finally a dressing of olive oil salt a pepper.  This works with any cold roast meat and with a mixed green salad makes a good lunch or supper.  The remainder of the lamb was chopped up and put in a shepherds pie and the bones went to the chickens to pick over.

As it turned out yesterday was a nice sunny day for the most part but with the bitter wind still making it feel pretty unpleasant.  We are forecast another sunny day but the wind is still going to be a feature.  Somehow it doesn't feel so bad if the sun is shining and the sky is blue.  I think the dogs may get their walk in the woods where there is at least a bit of shelter.  I guess we are fortunate that we have a choice of places to walk the dogs depending on the weather.  All have nice dry foot paths which make it easier the only disadvantage is that we have to drive to the walk as there is nowhere good within walking distance of home.

My vegetable box is due today and I will be pleased to be restocked so that I can plan my menu around what we have delivered.  
  • white potatoes UK
  • carrots UK
  • onions NL
  • calabrese broccoli ES/IT
  • celery ES
  • avocados ES
  • chard IT
  • green batavia lettuce FR
Next is a trawl through the freezer to see what meat or fish I have to go with the vegetables.  

I am still waiting for the fourth chicken to start laying but the other three are laying well.  I had decided to add some hard boiled eggs to my salad yesterday and the little eggs seemed just right but of course I had forgotten that they are really fresh so they are almost impossible to peel.  Tomorrow we are going over to Shiona's house and she is doing lunch so that will make a nice change for me to be off duty.  The dogs love her house as she has a very big garden and they spend ages chasing each other around which means they come home exhausted.  

Have a good day and enjoy the sunshine but probably from the warmth of the house.

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