Tuesday morning and Happy St Georges Day

The little vest made in DK cotton with a 2.5mm hook.  All that is missing is the one button to finish it off.  I am pleased with the results but not the photo which is taken on my duvet with the iPad.  Anyway you get the general idea.

We took ourselves off and bought some cartridges and also bought James a whistle and lanyard so that he can control Basso when he takes him out. The whistles are not just any old whistle but of a specific pitch Basso works on a 211½.  On the way back we stopped off at a country park near Maidstone so the dogs could have a run.  There was a large field area bounded with woodland so it was an ideal place to do some directional work with Basso and get him quartering the field on whistle and hand signals.  This did cause a little consternation amongst the other dog walkers but I must say Basso was great he must have realised other were watching and did a really super obedient job.

Both lunch and dinner were a repeat performance: an assortment of salads and slices of cold beef.  Very tasty and nice and easy to prepare.  This morning I am going to make the remainder of the beef into a cottage pie, however I don't have any potatoes to make a top.  My vegetable box is due today but sometimes it comes quite late so I may have to look at an alternative top.  The sausage and polenta dish worked well so I may make a polenta top for this pie.  

Both Deny and Mark are due this morning so I will need to get my act together early - the kitchen needs to be free for Deny and I will need to clear up the dog poo so that it is OK for Mark.  Mike is off to Faversham  to restock our coffee supplies and I may go with him if I have got all my chores done in time.  The weather forecast is for sun and cloud so at least Mark should stay dry this time.  The last time he came he got absolutely soaked to the skin.  We do seem to have turned a corner at last and the weather is improving for which I am sure we are all very grateful as it has been a long hard winter.  So far I have resisted the temptation to go to the garden centre as it really has been too cold to plant things but I think we may soon be frost free and I can have a bit of a splurge.

Time I got underway now or I will still be fiddling in the kitchen when Deny arrives at 8am sharp.  I can make the base of the cottage pie and then make a decision on the crust later or even freeze it without a lid which can be added when it is defrosted.

Have a good day all........


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