Thursday morning

Yesterday was another glorious sunny day: I managed to do a little fiddling around in the garden as well as all the laundry which was washed and dried and back indoors by 4pm. [ironing to follow today] I put the venison through the mincer and made a batch of burgers some of which we will be having for lunch today.  The remainder are in the freezer for a later date.  Supper was the cottage pie which had finally got its top of mash.  James was interested in making a loaf without the machine so I supervised him making a Paul Hollywood bloomer which turned out really well.

Today I intend to take a trip to Aldi as they are selling induction hobs for £30 which is the cheapest I have seen them they are normally around the £60-70.  I am working on the principle that if I can use it during the sunshine when our roof panels are making electricity I can save a bit on the gas bill.  Most of my pans are stainless steel so they will work well on it.  I do have the most amazing ability to rationalise spending money!!!!! As I pointed out to Mike I could so easily spend that amount on a pot of face cream which would serve no purpose at all!!!!

Yesterday evening there were a group of boys playing rugby in the garden next door and Basso was running up and down the fence like a line judge barking his instructions for off side and knocks on but sadly the boys seemed unaware of the rules and he finally gave up and came indoors in disgust not only would they not let him play but they ignored him as referee.

The sun is up and the iron is on so time to get going - have a good day all and enjoy what is left of the good weather I believe it all comes to an end tonight for us in the south east.


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