Thursday morning

Well the sleeping thing seems to be over I am back to the early start again so it must have been just a fluke.  Yesterday I had the urge to make a victoria sandwich which I filled with a whole jar of "little scarlet" strawberry jam and a good quantity of whipped cream.  As you can see it didn't last long  and that is why I don't make cakes very often they just get demolished.  Still once in a while it does make a nice treat.

Shiona arrived bright and early and was absolutely besotted with the new crochet so we had to go straight to the wool shop and get her some cotton and a crochet hook and get the foundation row set so that she can continue with the pattern while she is in Scotland.  She is driving up there today and what I have seen of the weather it could be a bit of a wild ride.

I finished the top which as you can see I did in one solid colour and it is made with some rather nasty acrylic yarn.  However, it was done as a dry run to test the pattern and as you can see it works rather well.  Now I think I must get some nice yarn and make one that is a bit better quality.  I quite like it in a solid colour, perhaps with a contrasting edging would look good.  Anyway I am happy that the pattern works well and I can cope with it.   The lady in the wool shop was intrigued by the pattern and has asked to see the finished article so I will take my sample with me when I buy the yarn.  

Today we are expecting Len and Margaret to visit for coffee and then we are going to have a lunch at a local restaurant which as yet we have not tried so fingers crossed.   It looks very oldy worldy but the menu reads well so we shall see.

While chatting with one of the neighbours I found out that our very elderly neighbour, some four doors down, has been burgled for the second time in a year.  This time they came in via the back of the property and over the golf course and emptied her two chest freezers.  They must have taken the spoils out of the front and into a waiting vehicle so quite a sophisticated job and surely not worth the risk for the contents of a freezer!!!!  I am so grateful that I have dogs as they are very aware of any unusual activity in the garden.  Neither of the dogs are prone to barking so if they start there is something wrong and I always go and investigate.  Mr Fox has had a very close shave and now gives our garden a wide detour despite the very tempting hens.  He has discovered that the big white dog that looks like a sheep is actually a wolf and has a remarkable turn of speed when riled.  Talking of foxes apparently people are releasing urban foxes into the countryside with the best of intentions but the animals are dying because they are unable to feed themselves without dustbins or takeaways and because of their lack of fear of humans they are easily shot by the farmers and game keepers.  

This morning the sky is largely clear with just some scudding clouds but the wind is fierce and blowing the bamboo plants almost horizontal.  There is a very pink tinge to the sky so is this "red sky in the morning shepherds warning"?  Have a good day all...........
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