Thursday morning

This morning we are back inside a cloud again.  It has rained over night but left us with thick mist and no sign of the sun.

Yesterday was a day of rest I did go back to bed and sleep but the day was all of a muddle there after.  For lunch I made macaroni cheese which was adorned with some of the tiny peppers stuffed with chorizo - what a stunning combination it was really lovely.  For supper we had some leek and potato soup that James made using the chicken stock from the wings I had bought.  The bread that was going stale made good croutons and a swirl of left over cream completed the meal.  

Today we are going over to Shiona's house to have supper and then on to the village hall for the am-dram's latest performance.  James has an appointment with the physio this morning and he usually comes back feeling tired but more mobile.  I think lunch may well be an english breakfast or some other egg based meal as we are now in full production.  I gave Sandi half a dozen eggs but with four eggs a day that is 28 eggs per week I have ample to spare.  It is a pity I don't make cakes as they are heavy on eggs.  However, no one yet has turned down half a dozen eggs when offered.   I can't be bothered to go to the hassel of selling them and I usually manage to lose them in a frittata or other omelette type dish.  For the first time last night I had to assert my authority over the hens who were reluctant to go back into their pen for the night but they soon realised resistance was futile!!!! Today they will be spending the day in the short run as I will not be here to put them to bed and it is the only way they will be safe from the fox.  

I am a bit late this morning and the family are beginning to stir so time I got underway.  Have a good day all, I will let you know what the play is like tomorrow. 
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