Thursday morning

As I thought a double yolker, what a joy it is to have my own eggs again there is nothing like a fried egg on a slice of toasted home made bread.  We trundled off to Shiona's house first thing making sure we were well dressed against the cold wind.  It was blowing hard with the occasional flurry of snow and it was bitterly cold.  Not that the dogs minded they had a brilliant time charging around the garden like lunatics and running races down to the bottom fence.  This is a game Basso likes a lot because he always wins even when the terriers have a head start he still overtakes them and gets to the bottom first.  The amateur dramatic society are using the double garage to paint scenery for their next production so there were people in and out over the morning.  Shiona had made some nice meat balls which we had with pasta tomato sauce and a mixed salad.  Then we moved on to cheese and biscuits by way of dessert.  At about three thirty I drove us back home but I was feeling very tired and sleepy.  Once home it was too late to go for a rest so I stayed awake as long as I could finally falling asleep at about 9 pm.  

I finished knitting a pair of knee length socks in double knitting which fit James rather well and should keep his ankle nice and warm as he really does suffer from the cold.  I have now started a baby cot blanket which can go to anyone having a baby or to the charity shop either way I don't mind as it keeps me occupied.

I have no real plans for today and now that my vegetable cupboard is full again I will have to decide what to have for both lunch and dinner and find something in the freezer to go with them.  I really must get back to planning a menu it does make life a lot easier.  I may make a batch of salmon fish cakes to put in the freezer as they are always a good standby for a quick lunch or light supper.

We were told to expect a light covering of snow over night but it has not yet materialised it is just bitterly cold.  


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