Sunday morning

As predicted the clear skys have resulted in quite a frost this morning and temperatures only just above freezing.  It was cold yesterday and we had been predicted rain in the afternoon though none arrived.  We had however taken the dogs for a run in the morning to make the most of the dry weather.  

I am in a bit of a quandary with regard to the crochet as each little jacket take just over 100g of cotton I am left with a fair quantity.  So I have started another but know that I will not have enough to finish it so I have bought a contrasting colour but then I will be left with loads of that.  It is a bit like the cheese and biscuity quandary where you need a bit more cheese for the last bit of biscuit but you find you have too much so you need another biscuit but then there is not enough cheese and so on and so on.

Today looks sunny and bright but very cold so I am still going to hold off with the plant buying until I am sure we will not be getting any further frosts.  In the mean time I have the ingredients for a bolognese sauce which I will get underway and into the slow cooker.  Then for lunch I have some nice duck breast which we will have with mash and broccoli.  I am also going to roast off a piece of belly pork which will find itself into some dish or another.  I had taken it out of the freezer with a view to having it for supper but none of us fancied it so I will cook it today and deal with it tomorrow.  I quite fancy some sort of pork and beans feast.  

Well thats about it for this morning time to go and let the hens out and give their house a bit of a birthday then I can get on with the cooking.

Have a good day and stay warm......


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