Sunday morning

I was thinking that this blog is starting to sound like the weather forecast but here in the UK the weather is really quite important.  The vast majority of decisions I make are coloured by the weather.  What to wear, what to eat, where to walk the dogs, whether to do the laundry or gardening all depend on the weather.  Yesterday, we were in double figures with warm sun today the temperature has dropped by 10┬║ C and we are only just above freezing.  So it is back to warm jumpers and I will be abandoning any gardening ideas.  At this time of the year each day is a surprise and you never can tell what sort of day it will be.  On the other hand I would hate to live in a country without seasons as it does lend a bit of excitement to life.  

Anyway yesterday I decided to make a batch of salmon fish cakes as my freezer supplies had run out and they are a very nice and easy meal.  I open freeze them, then individually wrap them and pile them all into a bag.  

As Mike had been to the fish monger we had a nice piece of undyed smoked haddock for lunch with a perfect poached egg.  Now that I have my own eggs again I can make nice poached eggs as the one thing you really need is very fresh eggs with thick whites which don't dissipate in the water.  Today we have a treat in store as we have a nice rib of beef which had been hung for plenty of time so it will be nice and tender.  We will have to have the obligatory Yorkshire pudding and I think some of my kale in the garden is ready to be picked.  

As the weather was good I took the opportunity to give the hen house a good clean and each day I pull a few weeds from the green house and feed them to the hens.  I put some pea seeds in to over winter and they are now in flower so I have left the door of the green house open to allow the bees in to pollinate the flowers.  I am hoping that they will have cropped in time for me to plant my tomatoes and cucumbers for a summer crop and that being legumes they will have added a bit of nitrogen to the soil.  If they don't make it I am sure the hens will deal with them.

The magnolia is in full bloom and really looks lovely.  I remember planting it many years ago when it was nothing but a twig and now it is a full size tree.  

Taking snaps of the garden each year has meant that I have a record of how it has changed and developed over time.  We are lucky to be blessed with good soil as historically the land was an orchard and though we do have a lot of flint it is reasonably friable.  Over the years I have added loads of compost and manure so the veg plot with its raised beds is easy to deal with.  Having Mark for a couple of hours every fortnight has made things even easier as he does all the really heavy work which leaves me with just the light and fun side of gardening.  Over the winter I have lost a few plants and will need to restock but as yet it is too cold so I am trying to hold off until it warms up a bit.  I have given up growing my tomatoes from seed and now buy them in as small plants from a specialist nursery where they have dozens of varieties to chose from.  

Anyway have a good day and I hope the weather lends itself to your plans!!!!!

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