Sunday morning

Yesterday started off bright and sunny so we got the dogs out early for their walk it was very muddy underfoot from the previous days rain but the sun was warm on our backs which made it very pleasant.  I got a couple of loads of washing out on the line while the chicken was cooking.  However, as soon as lunch was done the skys were getting black and I brought the washing in which was just as well as it rained all afternoon and most of the night.  I think I must be related to lions as after a very filling lunch of roast chicken with mash and gravy I curled up in my bed and slept like the dead.  Actually that is exactly what the dogs do as well.  As soon as they are full sleep is what they want.  Supper was an easy affair as none of us was really hungry so a cold chicken sandwich made with slices of the bloomer was just what was needed.  The carcass went into the slow cooker where it has slowly bubbled over night and today it will be made into chicken soup with the remaining bits of left over chicken and some vegetables.  As we had a roast yesterday today we are going to have pizza which I will make from scratch and no there will be no pineapple or minced beef used as toppings.  I will be sticking to the traditional toppings and try to get as thin a crust as I can.  Oh wouldn't it be wonderful to have a real wood oven!!!! Sadly I don't have sufficient reason to go to the effort of building one and to buy one is silly money.  I must admit that when I go home to Trieste the one place I always go is the local pizzeria which has a traditional wood oven and makes the most wonderful pizza.  It is less than 5 minutes walk from where my grandmother used to live and has been there ever since I can remember.  I was amazed to find this photo on google, I guess I am not the only one who thinks it is worthy of praise.

Caffè Fabris Trieste

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