Sunday morning

Having moaned like sin about the wintery weather now it is time to wax lyrical about the sunshine.  How many people do you know who rush out with the camera to take a photo of their laundry? Yes this is the confirmation you have been waiting for I am completely mad!!!!

I just couldn't resist the sight of my sheets billowing in the breeze and bathed in sunshine.  It seems like forever since this has been a feasible option.  It was still pretty cold but who cares when there is some sun to enjoy.  I even delved into the pond to try and fix the pump but it appears to have have died so it will be a case of investigating the electrics and then if all else fails it will have to be a new pump.  I didn't spend long with it as the water was so so cold.

The mackerel pâté made for lunch was delicious and the mutton for supper was also very nice James was unsure of mutton but was pleasantly surprised at the wonderful flavour of the meat.  I have quite a bit left over so I think I will make it into pies.  I made the mix for the salmon fish cakes and now that it is cold I can shape them and get them breadcrumbed and ready for the freezer.  Some will get syphoned out and will end up on the table for lunch with a big salad and some home made tartare sauce.  According to the weather forecast we are due for another day of sunshine so we really should make the most of it before we are hit by the warm wet westerly coming in next week.   

Yesterday evening we decided to rent and watch the film ARGO which is a, "based in truth!" story of the Iranian hostage crisis which occurred during Jimmy Caters presidency.  They say that truth is stranger than fiction and this is a case in point.  It is a gripping film and we thoroughly enjoyed it.  It cost my £3.99 to rent it for two days.  It might not be the cinema experience but it is certainly a good deal cheaper and there was no temptation to buy pop corn or hot dogs.  

Have a good day all and enjoy the sunshine......


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