Saturday morning

Yesterday was nasty and wet for most of the day and so I must admit to a day of total indolence.  Apart from making a few bits and bobs for lunch I did little else.  I parked myself in front of the TV and watched the Franco Zeffirelli film of Hamlet which I had recored earlier.  It is not a Shakespeare play that I am familiar with so I had to pay attention to the dialogue.  Meanwhile the hands kept crocheting.  There was nothing readily available for supper so it was a Chinese takeaway.

I was trawling about on the internet and found this lovely photo of 4 generations of Basso's relatives
taken at their kennels in Redruth in Cornwall.  I live with one Spinone can you imagine living with 8 of them?  

Today the weather has cleared up a bit but the temperature has dropped like a stone and it is only 4ºC at the moment so pretty chilly.   I'm glad I decided against having a splurge in the garden centre as it is still a bit cold for young plants.  The black birds have been having a fine time with my mulch which they have thrown out of the flower beds and dumped on the path.  We did however have great fun watching the little blue tits collecting beak fulls of Basso's hair to line their nests with.  They looked as if they had big white moustaches.  We tend to groom Basso in the garden so there are often clumps of his fur in the flowerbeds which the birds love so it dosen't take them long to clear it all up.  

It is hard to believe we are at the end of April already and it is not long now until we are off for a weeks holiday.  I do hope that the weather improves not that that is a big feature of our holiday but it would make walking the dog a bit more of pleasure rather than a chore.  I will leave you to imagine a big wet dog in a caravan!!!!  I do carry a hair dryer onboard more to dry the dog off than for my benefit.

Anyway time I got on and did something constructive.  Have a good day all..........


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