Saturday morning

Between the downpours yesterday I shot out and cleaned the hens out and collected the eggs.  Three lovely ones and then the joke egg from someone.   Please note that this a standard egg cup so you can see just how small the egg is.

Because the hens are free range you cannot tell which one is having a laugh with us.  Perhaps she just needs a bit more practice to get her egg laying under control.  However it did raise a smile on all our faces.  

As the day was going to be a wet one I set to in the kitchen and made a bloomer from the Paul Hollywood recipe and was very pleased with the results.

Lunch was a quick affair we just had some Chinese pancake rolls which were to be baked in the oven so hopefully not too greasy.  They were fresh rather than frozen and on special offer at Aldi so we thought we would give them a try.  They were OK but nothing to rave about and definitely not a patch on the home made ones that Tak made.  

Dinner was on Basso as we had some pheasant breast which I had wrapped in parma ham and put through the sous vide back in the hunting season.  I browned them off in a pan along with some mushrooms and then doused it all in cream and served it with rice.   I have taken to using "Method one" for my rice which seems to be about the most reliable.

Method one
Bring a pan of salted water to the boil
Add the rice and no lid
Wait for the water to come back to the boil then time exactly 10 minutes
Drain and serve

This method works with most of the white rice varieties like Thai fragrant, Jasmine, Basmati etc.  No good for brown, wild or risotto.

After all the rain of yesterday everything looks lovely and clean and fresh and at last the spring flowers are beginning to make themselves seen and there are splashes of colour dotted around the garden.  The sky is blue with hardly a cloud to be seen so I think we will have to make the most of the early sun as according to the weather forecast it is not set to last and the rain is due back by this afternoon.  As an early riser I know that the very best part of the day is often shortly after dawn after which it can be down hill all the way.  

Today I have a chicken for lunch but as yet I haven't decided how to cook it.  I watched the Hairy Bikers cook a chicken with forty cloves of garlic which I have done before and might just repeat or alternatively it may just get plain roast.   

Anyway if I am to enjoy the early sunshine it is time I got out of my dressing gown and out with the dogs.

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