Saturday morning

Another bitterly cold day.  I got frozen and wet not to mention almost blown off my feet while walking the dogs.  They say its character building, actually it's just miserable.  We then headed off to the butcher where I bought a lovely piece of leg of mutton, yes mutton, not lamb.  It is now in the slow cooker then it will be served with caper sauce boiled potatoes and broccoli once it is nice and tender.

Next it was the fish monger where I bought some salmon for fish cakes and a couple of whole smoked mackerel.  Some of which we had for lunch with crusty bread and creamed horseradish.  There is loads left over so I am going to make it into pâté to spread on hot toast.  Once it is made it will freeze well so we won't have to eat it every day for a week.  It should take milliseconds in the thermo.

The crochet baby blanket is coming on well and as I have rather less of the pale green wool I have decided to make the stripes of unequal depth, which I think looks OK.  I just love the wavy pattern which is so simple to work.

This morning we have a very heavy frost but the skys are clear and we have been threatened with some sunshine which will be most welcome as  I am beginning to feel like a troglodite!!!!  

James spent some time yesterday going through the mountain of paper the Met Police sent him only to discover that the vital pieces, namely the dates of his employment, are missing.  They have however included every single notification of shift change and order for new uniform over a the 10 years he worked for them.  All that was require was verification of the dates he started and finished. You would think that this was a fairly simple request, but not so.  It has taken a year of trying so far, so we are not holding our breath with regard to getting the right paperwork.  In the mean time we have a Brazilian rain forest of paper to put through the shredder which will keep the chickens bottoms warm which somehow seems like poetic justice.  The more we deal with them the more the term "wooden top" seems to make sense and the more I despair for the waste of taxpayers money. 

Well that's my moan for the morning time I got on with something constructive I am tempted to try getting a load of washing dry on the line outside you never know your good fortune.


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