Monday morning

Once more unto the breach, dear friends, once more.  The beginning of another week how the time does fly.  Yesterday started off very cold and there was a heavy frost on the ground when we took the dogs out for their walk.  We were much earlier than usual as I had a roast rib of beef to prepare for lunch.  I had decided to cook the meat rather like they do at Simpsons in the Strand which I had seen on the Hairy Bikers program on beef.  I put it in a hot oven and cooked it until it reached an internal temperature of 40ºc then left it in the warm, switched off, oven to continue cooking and standing for about an hour.  The results were perfectly cooked rare roast beef.  Mike had bought some hot cross buns from Tesco which were really poor quality with almost no fruit in them so they got made into a bread and butter pudding with the addition of a good handful of sultanas.  This was a very definite improvement.  Lunch was such a sumptuous affair that supper was quite unnecessary but the bread and butter pudding got finished off anyway.  

The pump in the pond had been non functioning for some time and I was worried that it had burned out and would need replacing.  However, before jumping the gun, I traced the electricity supply and found that the circuit breaker in the shed had been knocked to the off position so all that was needed was to flick the switch and hey presto everything was back up and running.  I breathed a huge sigh of relief.  

As the day wore on the weather improved and the temperature climbed so we ended up with a lovely spring afternoon and evening.  Today looks as if it is going to be another good day which means the cleaning bug will be active.  Yesterday I cleaned one oven and today I will do the other oven and get the laundry underway.  Lunch and dinner are not a problem as we have shed loads of beef left which I will make into a cold beef salad and eventually the remains may end up in a cottage pie.

I am hoping to go shooting this week but I am running low on cartridges so a trip to the gunsmith is in order.  The shooting grounds sell cartridges but that is an expensive way to buy them.  Even so 1000 cartridges cost about £140 which is just about as cheap as I can get them, the other thing I usually forget is just how heavy they are.   Each box of 25 weighs a kilo and while the gunsmith kindly puts them in the car I have to unload them once we get home.  The other thing I must remember is to take my shotgun licence with me or they will not sell me anything.  Twice I have made the hours drive and forgotten my licence which as you can imagine is a real bore not to mention waste of petrol. 

Anyway have a good day all and enjoy the sunshine while it lasts.
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