Monday morning

Another weekend has slipped by and we are back to another week.  The weather yesterday was very mixed the morning was miserably dull with intermittent showers but by the afternoon the sun was back with us and the temperatures were rising but we still have quite a fierce wind.  Spring at last seems to be with us and the forsythia and magnolia are just beginning to burst into life.  Of the 8 artichoke seeds I planted only 4 have germinated so I have put more seeds in and hope they will now  develop all be it a little later.

I made the pizza dough according to the Hollywood recipe but it was rather too wet which made it difficult to work with, however the finished results were very nice.  I made it in a rectangular tin as it was impossible to handle any other way.  I finally managed to move all my recipes from their file to the Paprika programe and in the end there were 660 which is quite a collection.  It has made searching for them much easier and I can now make shopping lists from the list of ingredients.  I have found that any recipes on the BBC site will just automatically enter themselves without all the cut and paste performance.  Now, if only I can find a really good programe to deal with the photographs of which there are thousands.  iPhoto is not a very friendly programe and I hate it with a passion so I will have to have a search for something better.  I used to use Photo Shop and then Picasa both of which were much better at handling images as I require.    

My vegetable stocks are very depleted and I am down to a couple of potatoes some carrots and onions.  Tomorrow will see the arrival of the vegetable box and my supplies will be replenished.  
  • white potatoes (sante) UK
  • carrots UK
  • onions NL
  • vine tomatoes ES
  • red/green Peppers ES
  • chard IT
  • mushrooms UK
  • leeks UK

In the mean time I think a risotto with sea food will be on the menu for lunch today.  I think I will spend some time this morning making a menu for the week which should make my life a bit easier.  The Paprika programe allows for me to do this as well.  With the improvement in the weather we may even get a days shooting in on Wednesday.  It seems like ages since we have been shooting and as Shiona is coming over we may head out for the shooting ground and have a quick round.

Well thats about it for this morning time to get this show on the road have a good day all.


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