Monday morning

On my tour of the garden yesterday I spotted this hellebore hiding in a corner.  It was such a lovely day that we were able to leave the patio doors open for an hour or more and get a bit of air through the house.  It was still cold but much better than of late with none of the easterly wind that has been so chilling.

The salmon fish cakes made part of our lunch along with a green salad and a couple of avocados that were not going to wait any longer.  I had a little mackerel pate left and also some brown shrimps so I amalgamated them with the yolks of some hard boiled eggs and returned the filling to the eggs.  The the whole lot was topped off with some homemade tartare sauce.  All in all a plate full of bits and pieces but very pleasing none the less.  The remaining mutton was made into a light stew which we had with some broccoli for supper.  I spent most of the day getting the laundry done and out on the line to dry, with three beds of linen to wash it take some time.  I have one load more of coloureds to go and then I am finished for a couple of days.  I am hoping that Sandi will be coming for a visit today.  She is taking care of a neighbour who has been very ill and her, the neighbours, car needs a good clean so I suggested that our Albanians do a very good job so she is bringing the car to us to have it cleaned.  It also means we can get together for a natter and the dogs can have a nice walk together.  Poor Basso doesn't know who he likes the most Casey, the yellow lab, is his girlfriend and they lie on the floor nose to nose gazing into each others eyes but Yoda, the black lab, is his work colleague and needs to go chasing about having fun. Nip the terrier of course just causes chaos as usual.

I am at a bit of a loss for lunch today there is nothing that jumps readily to mind so we may end up with a conglomeration of bits and bobs.  Sometimes this results in very good meals and I have a nice fresh loaf of bread, that I made yesterday, to help it all on its way.

I have been delighted with the hens who are very keen to follow me so they are easy to put to bed of an evening there is no chasing them around as they come and sit at my feet so I can pick them up and pop them into their house with little fuss.  The eggs are gradually increasing in size and we are getting 3-4 per day which means no more buying eggs. 

It is now light and the sky is overcast with clouds but we are at least above freezing so that is hopeful.  Onward and upward have a good day what ever you have planned.  

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