Monday morning and the start of another week

Yesterday morning started off very cold but the sun soon came out and it was a perfect day for drying so my machine worked over time and all the sheets got put through.  I am still doing my laundry with the eco egg and no soap powder and I have not noticed any great difference.  The laundry comes out clean so what more do you want.  There is also no need for softener as things are nice and soft when they emerge.  The only problem I have had is that the egg came apart a couple of times and scattered its contents far and wide so I have fixed it with a couple of cable ties.

The hens got a good clean out and I gave away yet another half dozen eggs to one of my neighbours.    For lunch we had a duck breast each which I cooked skin side down in a cold pan gradually increasing the temperature until all the fat was rendered then they were turned over and put in the halogen oven for about 15min at 200 and that seemed to be absolutely perfect.  The potatoes got a saute in the duck fat and it was all served with steamed broccoli and an orange sauce.  I took the trouble to pour some boiling water over the orange zest which took away some of the harsher flavours and made the sauce more palatable.  All in all a very successful meal.  For supper we had a hard boiled egg salad with mayonnaise and I opened a tin of butter beans which I dressed with olive oil and crushed garlic.  The bolognese sauce slowly bubbled in the slow cooker and today it will be ready to be portioned and frozen.  The belly of pork is still in the fridge and will be on the menu for lunch today as will the leeks which are beginning to wilt.

I had a pot of daffodils which were just about over so I dug a decent size hole and put the whole lot in in one go and hopefully they will make a nice splash of colour next spring.  The garden is looking lovely with the bulbs all in flower the magnolia making a big splash of pale pink and the bright yellow of the forsythia.  The white camellia is in full bloom and the red one is just about to burst forth.

This morning is a little warmer with no frost but the sky is more overcast so a good day for a bit of ironing and hopefully get all the laundry away by the end of the day.  It always feels like a watershed when the laundry is done for the week and the beds are all freshly changed.

Anyway onward and upward have a good day all ..........
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