Friday morning

I have been fiddling with the remaining yarn and now that I feel more confident with this pattern I have also extended the sleeves.  I still have a fair amount left so I will have to have a look around for some other project maybe matching booties.

I went to Aldi and purchased the free standing induction hob which is really very nice and has ten temperature settings as well as a three hour timer.  This came in handy as I set it on a low simmer at 80ºC set the timer for an hour and left the mince to cook itself while I went off for a rest. The sun was shining so the electricity was free.

I took the dogs for a walk in the local park on the way back from shopping and there I met a girl who I knew from dog training some 10 years ago.  She is into border collies and has about 6 of them, one of whom has just had a litter of puppies.  We had a long doggy chat while the animals had a grand time playing together and though I had not walked far the dogs came home exhausted from all the cavorting 

Yesterday evening I enjoyed the last of the warm weather sitting with Nip on a bench finishing off the crochet.

Sadly over night the temperature has dropped but the rain is welcome as the garden believe it or not is actually quite dry and I had to water some of the pots which were looking pretty sad.  This morning looks dull and damp and it seems we are destined to have just two day of sunshine at a time.

Today James and I had intended to go shooting but it is all weather dependant so we will make the decision a little later on.  If it is too miserable I think I may have a trip to the garden centre and see if I can find some plants for my empty border.  Ideally I would like some ground cover plants with the odd accent taller plant - may be a fuchsia or two.  I also have an empty large pot which could use a plant: the clematis I planted in it did not survive so I am thinking maybe a rose might be a bit hardier.  The large leaf thyme I planted also bit the dust, being a Mediterranean plant I think last years deluge probably drowned it.  

Oh dear it has just started to rain again so maybe we are in for a wet day and I may have to play in the kitchen.  


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