Friday morning

Good morning all.  First let me tell you about my lunch yesterday.  The Barn is a very ancient building but well appointed as a restaurant.  The main room was set up for a large party so we were shown into a smaller side room with about  6 tables which was nice and cosy especially as the other tables were empty for most of our meal.  The menu was limited to three starters and three main courses which I like to see as everything is cooked to order.  I chose for a starter

Fillet of Cornish Mackerel
Pan seared fillet, smoked mackerel rillette, oyster mayonnaise, ginger jelly, cucumber, chilli and tomato salsa

Followed by

Kentish Guinea Fowl
Spinach, truffle and thyme stuffed breast, wild mushrooms, sauté potatoes

The men went on to have bread and butter pudding and Margaret had an apple and blueberry crumble.  I on the other hand didn't bother with a dessert.  The portion sizes were on the small side but the cooking was excellent especially the guinea fowl which was done perfectly and still nice and moist.  I did send my compliments to the chef because I know how difficult it is to cook a stuffed breast without over cooking it and rendering it dry and inedible.  

The cost was £20 for two courses and £25 for three which given the quality of the cooking I didn't feel was exorbitant.

As we live no more than 5 minutes drive from the restaurant we headed home for coffee.  Len and Margaret left at about 3.30 as they needed a rest before setting out to a bridge tournament that evening.  

Supper was an "if you can find it, you can eat it", affair so lots of bits and bobs got eaten up.  The day had been largely sunny with a very cold wind but of course we had to have one deluge just as I was about to bring in the washing!!!

Today looks duller but the wind seems to have subsided.  Todays menu is for some salmon fish cakes for lunch and possibly a take away for supper.  It is still too cold for gardening and although I have seeds ready to plant I think I will leave it until the soil has warmed up a bit.  

In answer to your question Joy the acrylic yarn doesn't say what weight it is but my guess is DK it is certainly thicker than 4ply.  The wool shop has a selection of cotton in DK which is what I will try next.  I may well take a trip down there today and see what is available.  I was also wondering if it would scale up well.  I did the 56 chain for the trial run but I wonder if double to 112 would work ok  with 4 for each front 6 for the sleeves and 8 for the back.  The other thing I have been wondering is if the pattern of holes would take fine ribbon by way of decoration.  Anyway thank you for the pattern I can see hours of endless fun to come.


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