Friday morning

It is warmer but definitely wetter and pouring with rain as I type.  We had a lovely evening with Shiona and a super supper of ham cooked with marsala then it was off to the Parish Hall to see the play.  "Sunday Morning at the Centre of the World", by Louis de Bernieres.  Yes, he is the guy who wrote  Captain Corelli's Mandolin. 

The plot of the play is rather like that of Under Milk Wood only in South London rather than South Wales. It was the first night of the play and it was great to see the scenery up in place rather than stacked in Shiona's garage. I am always surprised at the amount of work the people are prepared to put in for just three nights. However, I think it is the preparation rather than the performance which gives the amateur dramatic members the entertainment. It was very well acted and most enjoyable. We made our way home after the performance and James was glad to get off his hard chair where he had been for an hour and half. He was very stiff and it was only then that we realised that he still has trouble sitting in one place for any length of time and while his pelvis might be healed it is still not 100%. We arrived home a about 10.30 where we were greeted by the dogs who were very pleased to see us.  I'm sure they thought they had been abandoned for the night or maybe forever!!!

My plans for today are non existant I was up late and the men are still sound asleep as are the dogs.  The rain is abating and the sun is trying to break through so it may be a decent day after all.  For lunch today we are going to have some Chinese spring rolls and then for dinner we have some pheasant breast in parma ham which I will reheat with some cream and mushrooms and serve with some rice.  I also fancy making a loaf of bread by hand rather than in the bread-maker which will keep me off the streets. 

Well that about it for this morning people are coming to life so I need to get going have a good one and I hope this rain stops soon............

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