Friday morning

Yesterday was a really miserable day we had rain, hail, sleet, and snow all carried on a bitter northerly wind.  Gone is the little bit of sun and back has come the grey blanket.  It was very much a day for staying in bed with the duvet pulled over your head.  Sadly this was not an option!!!!!!

For lunch I made cream of celery soup in the thermomix which was a real doddle. It was very silky and smooth as I did pass it through a fine sieve.  For supper we were going to have kidneys Jerez but once I had cooked them and boiled the rice no one felt much like eating them and a fair amount has  been donated to the dogs for their breakfast.  Lucky boys.....

Today looks just as bad it is still blowing with a leaden sky overhead and not a sign of relief.   I don't think I can remember such a long drawn out winter.  I suppose it it because we had not real summer to speak of so it feels as if it has been winter for ever.  

Today I am going to have a bit of a trawl around the shops and hope for some inspiration.  I must buy some salmon to make fishcakes with as they are always acceptable.  Perhaps something hearty like corn-beef hash might be a good idea and cheer us all up.

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