Easter Bank Holiday Monday/April fools day

Well I suppose I had better start off with the usual pinch punch for the first of April.  I actually did several of my monthly jobs yesterday while I was waiting for the leg of lamb to roast.  My knives have all been sharpened and the dogs have had their ears powdered.  Then of course there was the job of changing all the clocks.  Fortunately several of them are radio controlled and therefore change themselves but there are loads of clocks that do not.  Even my washing machine has a clock which is not useful in itself what is useful is that it tells you how long you have left to go on a load which I find handy as I know if it is worth staying at home until the load is done or better to go out and hang the laundry when I get back.  This would just need a timer rather than a clock so I am afraid I just leave it alone.  

We had a day of mixed weather it was quite nice but cold, dull and calm when we took the dogs for a walk but no sooner had we got home than the skys blackened and we had a shower of snow then out came the sun and we had a pleasant afternoon.  A real jumble with a bit of everything except some warmth.  Apparently it is all down to the jet stream which is too far south and so is dragging Scandinavian air down over us.    

I had a bit of a splurge on the internet and ordered some plants all very exotic.  First a mini cucumber vine for the green house.

Then a kafir lime leaf plant for the kitchen window sill
And finally some Chilean guavas to grow outside in the garden.  They are hardy down to about -10ºC so they should be fine.   According to the bumf they were a favourite of Queen Victoria.

Hopefully these will make for some interesting meals over the summer if all goes according to plan.

The leg of lamb was very tasty and the leaving it plain was a good idea as there was enough garlic in the potato and celeriac dauphinoise.  We all ate so well that supper was a bit of a non event and we ate a few toasted hot cross buns.  I must admit that these came from Tesco and were very disappointingly almost devoid of flavour and fruit.  I might have to set to and make some of my own.   

There is loads of left over lamb so today will be a cold lamb salad with red onions and capers and then a shepherds pie for supper.  

By the way, I have been using my eco egg for the laundry and it seems to do a very adequate job so maybe the advertising is correct.  One thing is for certain the machine stays nice and clean with no soap powder to clog it up.  And talking of eggs, we were up to three yesterday when I put the hens to bed so hopefully we should have all four laying soon.

Enjoy the bank holiday and any sunshine that is available and thank you all for the good wishes for Easter.
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